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We Will Buy Your House As-Is For Cash

We have been buying houses in the Sacramento Area for 27 years. All kinds of houses, in any condition and location. No need to prepare it for selling, no inspections or fees, or appraisals, and no need to wait for loan approvals. We close quickly, no realtor fees, and no cost to you!

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Let us show you how to Sell Your House Fast For Cash?

We will be happy to bring you a fast, fair all cash offer!

How can we help?  We can buy your house, quickly, for cash, saving you time, effort, and money.

Jeff Johnson, and NewLook Realty have been serving the Sacramento area for 27 years.

We are a veteran owned, family real estate company, that has solved real estate problems for lots of buyers and sellers. 

We will be happy to speak with you on the phone, or come to your house, to discuss your real estate concerns and work with you to solve your real estate problem

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There are lots of real estate companies in the Sacramento area, many of them will make big claims about buying your home quickly, sending you a quick offer, some without even visiting your home.


Traditional Sales Process
  • 6% of purchase price plus other fees
  • Escrow closing costs up to 2% of selling price
  • Long sales timeline, often 2-3+ months
  • Clean up and repair hassle
  • Showings and open houses
  • Price haggling and unpredictable offer
NewLook Realty Company
  • No Fees to you to sell your home
  • Highest off-market price
  • You can close in 10 days,  set up your move out day in advance, up to 60 days from escrow
  • Sell AS-IS. No cleanup or repairs, or showings
  • $10,000 cash advance

Hedge Fund iBuyers
  • Lower prices, zero transparency
  • High-pressure sales tactics, often not trustworthy
  • Hidden fees at close,
  • High-risk they’ll back out, costing you time and money
  • Purchase Price reductions at closing

The ibuyers (Corporate Buyers) have many complaints and fines against them for promising large, quick sales, only to come back to the sellers later with a lower offer price after the contract was already in escrow.  They often wait until escrow is underway, before they come back to the seller with an offer reduction.  This practice results in complaints from sellers since they feel that they were then denied a chance to engage other home buyers.

We’ve been in business for so long because we work with our sellers to find the best solution possible.

Our Offers Are Based On Your House’s “After Repair Market Value”!

This simply means, we look at what the value of your house would be, completely fixed up. Based on this value we will formulate your offer!

NewLook Realty Company has bought and sold 1000’s houses in Sacramento since 1992.  Our market knowledge, acquired through real estate market research, and experience working with buyers and seller, allows us to work with you to find the best solution, and offer you the highest price for your property.  When we make offers, we do so knowing from past experience what it will take for us to purchase, rehab and re-sell your former house.


We will meet with you, analyze the situation, and make you an offer.  Our services are 100% cost free to you.  This takes effort on our part, so it behooves us to make you the highest and best offer the first time we meet.

Give us a call! 916-206-9989

Therefore 😃

NewLook Realty stays in business by getting offers accepted, and the only way to do that is to give offers you’ll be happy with! We truly do our best to give you the highest possible offer we can give. Now you know why we have such raving reviews! 🙂

“I have been referring my clients and family members to Jeff for years.  He has helped me and three of my family members purchase and sell properties.  He has also completed various rehab projects for me or had his contractors do the work.  His integrity, and attention to detail, assure me he is going to treat my family and clients with the respect they deserve.”

-Tony Jetter | Jetter Tax and Bookkeeping | Sacramento, CA

Meet More Excited Sellers!

“Jeffery is the bomb, did everything to our expectations.. this is exactly how he said it would work.”

Mike and Stephanie Edgell | Sacramento

Nicole Davis | Acquisitions Manager

Nicole walks each seller through the process from the first phone call to the closing of their home. If you have any questions along the way, Nicole is the answer every step of the way. After you contact NewLook Realty, Nicole and the Acquisitions Team will guide you through the home evaluation, offer, and closing. Our first priority is that you feel comfortable and confident moving forward with our offer!

“Our offers are created by establishing your house’s “After Repair Market Value”!

Simply put, we calculate our offer as follows:

This is how we determine how much we can afford to offer you for your home.  We  figure out our purchase and selling cost, the cost to rehab the home, and a fair amount of profit, and that number is the amount we can offer.  We look at what the value of your house would be, completely fixed up. Based on this value we will formulate your offer!

Your All Cash Offer

ARV = After Repair Value: What your home is worth when repairs are complete

Repair Costs: The cost to repair your home to achieve the highest value.

Selling Costs: We will buy your house without a realtor, but when we sell your former home, after we repair it, we will pay a real estate agent to bring us a buyer.  You don’t have to pay anything, this is our cost after we purchase and sell your home.  Of course, we also have taxes, closing costs, and holding costs.

Our Minimum Profit:  We’ve been in business a long time, and it takes money to pay rent, wages, contractors, taxes, marketing, etc.  We have to be able to make a profit to stay in business, and to do this we try to make at least a minimum profit.  This enables us to bring you the highest offer we can.  If we can produce a minimum profit many times a year on each house, we are able to stay in business and provide for our customers, sellers, and our team.  Everyone wins!!

If you have any questions on this, please don’t hesitate to ask, we are always happy to go into great detail on this!

Sounds Easy, Huh?

We provide this in the interest of integrity.  We make our offers based on our experience in gathering the information needed to make you the highest and best cash offer we can.  Our calculations, our offer and our service, have allowed us to be a stand out real estate investor for the last 27 years.  We are confident you will be happy with your experience with us, and become on of our many satisfied customers.

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We buy houses in ANY CONDITION! We pay CASH and you will not pay any commissions, agents, or fees. Put your address and email below and answer 5 easy questions on the next page to get a cash offer in 24 hours!
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to pay for repairs and cleaning?

No, you do not have to do any repairs or cleaning prior to our walk-through or closing! We buy your house as-is!

2. Do I have to pay for inspection of appraisal fees?

No, pay for absolutely no professional fees to close on your house!

3. Do I have to pay for closing costs or realtor fees?

No, pay no fees! Sell your house for FREE!

4. How soon can I get money for my home?

Once you receive your offer and accept, we have quick closing of 10-14 days! We are also willing to sell on your timeline, if you will not be ready to move in 10 days.

5. What if I have tenants?

Not a problem, we will work with you to get your house sold and manage the agreement you have in place with your tenants.

6. I want to sell my house but I’m not ready to move, will you work with my timeline?

Absolutely! We will work with you to sell at your pace! Once you are ready to move out, we can close quickly in 10-14 days, so you get your money fast.

7. Do you only give “low-ball” offers?

No, we give FAIR, CASH OFFERS based on we derive using the information shown above.

8. What does the cash offer price include?

The cash offer price includes the price of your home- we cover all other costs associated with closing!

9. Are there any obligations when I submit my offer?

No obligations, EVER! Receive your FAIR, ALL CASH offer with absolutely no obligations of fees! If you decide you aren’t ready to sell now, you can always call us back.

10. What is the escrow process and how long does it take?

Our escrow timeline is a quick 10-14 days because we are not a typical realtor!

11. Can I leave unwanted items and what will you do with them?

Of course, we handle all the clean up! We will either properly dispose of the items, recycle the items, or repurpose if possible.

12. Is NewLook Realty a local Sacramento company?

Yes! We are proud to have served the our Sacramento community for the last 27 years,  helping buyers and sellers achieve their real estate goals!

13. What paperwork do I need to have to sell my house?

You do not need to have any paperwork ready when you fill out our form, talk to us over the phone, and during the house tour. If you decide to sell your house to NewLook Realty, you need to provide proof of ownership and all owners of the house must be in agreement to sell to us. We will be in constant communication throughout this process so you never feel unprepared to move forward! We will hold your hand through the process, our transaction coordinator will be your personal concierge from start to finish. SIGNATURE ______________________________

14. How many houses do you buy and what will you do with my house?

Real Estate is our passion, in our 27 years in business, we have purchased and remodeled countless homes! After purchasing your house, we will do renovations and updates to get your house on par with the industry standard!

15. Are you buying houses during Covid-19?

Absolutely, YES! During this difficult time, we are always a reliable resource if you find yourself needing to sell our house fast! Feel free to give our team a call to discuss your options and how we can help you during this difficult time. We are taking extra safety precautions to ensure that everyone involved is safe and comfortable.

We take the guidelines of our local, state, and federal guidelines very seriously, as a result, we have implemented solutions that adhere to the safety recommendations:

  • The NewLook Realty is ALWAYS available for a phone call! Whether you are exploring your options or ready to sell now, give us a call to talk through your options and get your questions answered.
  • We are available anytime for video conferencing! Meetings that were typically done in home can be done over Zoom, Google Meet, or Zoom. We do not need to visit your home as long as our expects can get a good evaluation through the video conferencing tool!
  • Many of the documents can be signed via electronically using Adobe Sign and Docusign, which limits our need for in-person contact.

16. How are you different than a traditional realtor?


  • We buy your home
  • We don’t sell our contracts
  • We give you an ALL CASH OFFER in 24 hours!
  • Pay absolutely no commissions or fees.
  • No need for you to clean or repair anything in your home.
  • Quick Closing of 10-14 days!

Traditional Realtor:

  • Realtors put your home on the market and sell your home to other buyers.
  • You will have to clean and maintain your home for realtor showings as well as stage your home at a a cost between $1,500-$3,000 depending on the square footage of your home.
  • The Buyer will have inspections that will find items in need of repair and replacement which will most likely result in you having to negotiate price or repairs with buyers before they will purchase your home.
  • The Buyer will need to have an appraisal, and your home may not appraise for the contract amount, delaying or preventing your sale.
  • You may have to make costly repairs, delaying the sale of your home.
  • You will pay a realtor commission and fees, usually 5% of the selling price.
  • You have to pay for closing costs, repairs, cleaning, and staging your home.
  • Closing timeline of 30-45 days in addition to the time it takes to find and secure a qualified buyer.
  • The Buyer may not qualify to purchase your home at the agreed upon sale price.
  • You will pay a part of the escrow and closing costs up to 3% of the selling price.
  • Can take 6-12 months to sell.
  • Often have to negotiate price or repairs with sellers before they will purchase your home.

“Jeff helped my family and I buy a home on 65th Street in Sacramento, he made sure that our family was handled with care. He was there every step of the way, if we had questions or concerns he was always a phone call away. He did everything in a timely fashion with dignity and integrity.  He has helped 13 other family members over the last 10 years buy homes in Sacramento.”

Mohammed Hussain , 65TH ST, Sacramento, Ca. 95826

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We buy houses in ANY CONDITION! We pay CASH and you will not pay any commissions, agents, or fees. Put your address and email below and answer 5 easy questions on the next page to get a cash offer in 24 hours!
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