Easy Bathroom Updates

Easy Bathroom Updates

It’s a fact. Kitchens and bathrooms sell houses. Kitchen and bathroom remodels are always right up there at the top of the list of the best investments you can make in your house for resale value. But you can dramatically, quickly and inexpensively update a bathroom without an actual renovation, and improve the marketability of your house for sale. Here are 7 Do-It-Yourself bathroom updates that can help make your house stand out from the competition and get you a better price.


This is obviously the place to start, since doing it yourself results in such fast and dramatic change. For a simple and serene look, choose soft and soothing tones to give a greater sense of space and light.


Next choose new drawer pulls. Even sticking with new handles that use the same holes as the old, there is a multitude of styles available at all price points, and this is another big change you can make on your own. Typically, a nickel or stainless finish goes best with simple look, while oil-rubbed bronze tones will add to the richness in a sophisticated atmosphere.


Because bathrooms will get the attention of buyers, keeping them clutter free is essential. A quick and functional fix here are simple storage cubbies. Stash toiletries, makeup and other beauty and grooming equipment in small caddies that you can pop out and put away easily.


Good grooming requires good light. Replacing the vanity lighting fixture is easier than you think. To keep the job a simple and quick one, simply choose vanity lighting that covers the same space the original fixture did. You can maximize your options, though, if you tackle the lighting when you do the painting.

Shower, sink and tub faucets

Now we’re moving into more significant updates that really make the space feel new. Look for sink fixtures that offer a little more height over the bowl and length extending into the bowl for the most functional effect.

Then, replace old tarnished tub and shower fixtures. A showerhead with a multi-function head that conserves water is a functional option.

Mirror and medicine cabinet

Most standard medicine cabinets are not much to look at, and there are now plenty of options that will your replace your current cabinet. A simple beveled mirror version with a plastic wipe-able interior can update a rusted metal version.

If you don’t want to replace the whole cabinet, another simple fix is to build a simple picture-style frame right over your basic wall mirror. Just choose the frame according to the cabinet style, and make sure the surface is moisture resistant.

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